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I work hard – and have loads of fun –  at taking beautiful photographs of the places I visit and I love to share these photographs with you!  But I do more than just take photographs.  I also desire to share what I  have learned and am still learning with you.  I love to share my insights and my skill with those who are learning about photography.  I figure that those who are comfortable with their skills will find what I have to share not all that interesting.  But if you are just learning, or like myself, constantly working to improve our photography skills, then this is a home for you. 

I figure that we all on a journey to improve our skills, so why not journey together?  There is a lot to learn, and I am always learning, and I’d imagine that you are two.  So why not share with me and I can share with you?  

Are you still using your smartphone to take pictures?  Great! That’s a fantastic place to begin!  

Do you have a DSLR but not sure how to use it?  That’s an awesome place to begin! Do you have a DSLR, but not sure how to shoot in manual mode?  Or you are not sure how to do High Dynamic Range photography? . . . or landscape photography or travel photography? . . . not sure how to set your camera for proper exposure?. . .not sure . . .  well, you get the picture.  

We all have been there, or are getting there, or are hoping that with some help and guidance that we might get there.  And this is where I can help.

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I send it monthly, and I will NEVER sell or abuse your email or your trust in me!  

I am looking forward to our journey together! Thanks for coming! And I look forward to hearing from you!





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Just a Few of my Favorite Photographs

What would a site about photography and learning photography be without some visual goodness display on the home page! Enjoy, these are some of my favorites over the years.


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