Tutorials and Photography Tips and Tricks

Below are a few of my tutorials and tips and tricks that I have posted to date.  Some are blog posts, others are video. Some are really early attempts to do video tutorials, so you are warned. But I believe that they still have some value. I have others in the planning stages, and will post them as I complete them.

HDR Photography: Putting it Together, Part 2

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash By knowing how your camera meter works and how exposure works, you can create HDR images. But How Many Do I Take? This is how photographers know if they can get away with taking only 3 pictures, or if they need 5 or 7 or even 9!

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HDR Photography: Putting it together, Part 1

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash So my last HDR tutorial was on dynamic range and the application of Ansel Adams ‘and Fred Archer’s zone system to understand exposure. I discussed how a perfect exposure (0) was in zone 5, the center of the zone system. But what does this have to do

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Learn Photography by Studying Paintings

I have been a photographer of one sort or another for quite some time. I first began in High School where I took photos for the yearbook using a Nikon film camera. My primary camera is 5D Mark II. Yea, a Canon 5D Mark II! I can’t seem to make

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How I planned my recent trip to Europe

Some people find trip planning to be difficult, others find it to be easy. I enjoy planning trips. I am in the group that finds it easy. The trick is to not pack in too many things to do. I had the opportunity this summer to plan such a trip.

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