Tutorials and Photography Tips and Tricks

Below are a few of my tutorials and tips and tricks that I have posted to date.  Some are blog posts, others are video. Some are really early attempts to do video tutorials, so you are warned. But I believe that they still have some value. I have others in the planning stages, and will post them as I complete them.

HDR Photography: Putting it together, Part 1

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash So my last HDR tutorial was on dynamic range and the application of Ansel Adams ‘and Fred Archer’s zone system to understand exposure. I discussed how a perfect exposure (0) was in zone 5, the center of the zone system. But what does this have to do

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Learn Photography by Studying Paintings

I have been a photographer of one sort or another for quite some time. I first began in High School where I took photos for the yearbook using a Nikon film camera. My primary camera is 5D Mark II. Yea, a Canon 5D Mark II! I can’t seem to make

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How I planned my recent trip to Europe

Some people find trip planning to be difficult, others find it to be easy. I enjoy planning trips. I am in the group that finds it easy. The trick is to not pack in too many things to do. I had the opportunity this summer to plan such a trip.

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HDR Photography: What is Dynamic Range?

This is a fundamental “problem” with cameras, that is, their apparent lack of dynamic range, especially when compared to the human eye. Most cameras seem to have an average dynamic range of around 11 stops of light. What is a “stop” of light you ask, thought you would never ask!

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HDR Photography: How the Camera Understands Exposure

This is the most fascinating part of all this, how the camera determines proper exposure! 18% Gray. That is the answer. Yea, pretty fascinating isn’t it! But wait, it gets better. Experiment Let’s try a little experiment. Get some black paper and some white paper. Hang up the paper (taping

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HDR Photography: Understanding Exposure

DISCLAIMER This tutorial series is written for those just learning about their cameras.  If you have been using your camera for a number of years, then this tutorial isn’t really geared for you, but please feel free to read, we all learn something new even when reading about things we

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