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Photograph of the Day: Collapse

After spending most of the day visiting various sites within Angkor Wat, we finally came to the location that I had been anxious to visit, Ta Prohm. Here at this temple complex the jungle had encroached and reclaimed the ruins, with many of the buildings having collapsed from disrepair and the growing trees.

My Photograph of the Day: Tomb Raider Door

Ta Prohm had always been on my list of places to visit. However, since the Tomb Raider movies, it has been made famous, especially this particular location with Ta Prohm. It is here that Laura Croft character comes out of the ruins. And so, on the day of my visit, the place was crowded with tourist, all vying for a spot to take this iconic photograph. But I beat the crowd, and got this shot before they all showed up to take their selfies!