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Navajo Nation

My Photograph of the Day: Arch in the Slots

Lower Antelope Canyon is my favorite among the two Antelope Canyons. Everyone goes to upper Antelope, that is where all the tours go. But Lower Antelope Canyon I think has more character, and I think that this artwork clearly shows some of the wonderful character which makes this slot my favorite.

My Photograph of the Day: Road to Forever

Some roads out west seem to go on forever. Like this black and white photograph from northern Arizona heading into the Hopi Nation. The state highway here does on straight for over 20 miles. It seems to go on forever...

My Photograph of the Day: Hoodoos at Bisti

Bisti Badlands. Quite the alien landscape one sees when one visits this remote location in the New Mexico desert. Surrounded by the Navajo Nation, this area is both beautiful and weird and alien at the same time. This is My Photograph of the day!

My Photograph of the Day: Vivid Flames

A new feature for 2018, a daily photograph with a brief discussion about how the photograph was taken. Today's photograph comes from Antelope Canyon, Page, Arizona.