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My Photograph of the Day: Jesus Coming Soon…

Every once in a while you have to do a "fun" photograph. For me, this is a "fun" photograph. It is an high dynamic range photograph where in post processing I used some fun filters to get this effect. And the subject material doesn't hurt!

My Photograph of the Day: Storefront

Walking around Siem Reap, the major city just outside of Angkor Wat Archaeological Park, one can find a number of small neighborhood stores selling pretty much anything you would need. And they are really colorful places to visit and rummage around in.

In the Spotlight: Peaks of Pink

On one of my several trips to Antelope Canyon in Page, Arizona, I took this shot at lower Antelope Canyon.  Of the two, I really like lower Antelope as you can stay for up to three hours and there are not huge crowds, so you can usually take your time and get the shots you ...