Learn Photography

I love photography! I sell prints of my photographs at art shows and to various business such as doctor’s offices and a community college. 

But – true confession time –  having said that, I also work full time as a project manager. So I am a part time “professional photographer” (whatever that really means these days) who understands how busy life gets and works at his own business when I am not at my “day” job.

Perhaps that describes you? Perhaps you too have a “day” job but would love to improve your photography? Maybe you are a part timer like myself, and are just looking for some fellowship, someone who understands that this isn’t our only gig!

If so, then you have come to the right place. Here I will share my experiences of the craft of photography. I will share what I know, what I think about gear, and what I think selling your artwork to others. In summary, this is about the craft of photography and sharing our photographs with others. So come and explore and hopefully learn more about this craft that we all love!

A weekly newsletter on all things landscape photography related.

Various tutorials I have published on a number of photography related topics, from post-processing tips to photography trip planning tutorials.

For those who live in the Phoenix area or are willing to do a remote computer sessions I offer customized individual instruction for those who desire to learn more about photography beyond just reading blog posts and watching You Tube’s.

I also offer the ability to put together your own customized photography workshop where we can travel to some incredible photography locations where I can provide personalized instruction while shooting some great and stunning southwestern locations!