Taking the Shot: Mono Lake

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Taking the Shot: Mono Lake

About a year ago I was in California photographing Death Valley National Park, the Alabama Hills and I spent an afternoon at Mono Lake. Mono Lake is a weird landscape, with tufas around the edges of the lake and tufa islands just off shore, it was a very surrealistic landscape.  This video is just a brief taste of my trip to Mono Lake. As I am still learning how to do video, it is very shaky and for that I apologize. I have recently upgraded to a stabilizer with a gyro to help “get” rid of the shaky video as well as upgraded my video cameras to ones which have image stabilization. Hopefully, the videos for more recent trips will be worth the view! Anyways, I hope that you enjoy and maybe you too will visit this unique landscape in California!

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A little bit about me . . .

Back in 1982, my Air Force roommate was in desperate need of some cash, and he had a camera. And I was in the market for a camera as I had TDY (Temporary Duty) orders for Cyprus and was looking for a good camera to take with me. So over some beers and some negotiations with my roommate (and a few hundred dollars later), I found that I had become the owner of a brand spanking new Canon AE-1 camera with an assortment of lens, including a Canon 50mm, a 35mm lens, as well as a telephoto lens.

Fast forward to today, and I am now an owner of a Canon 5D Mark II (looking to upgrade, but can’t decide on my next camera) and a bunch of Canon glass and I am primarily a landscape and travel photographer. Yea, that means that I get up before the sun rises and am out after the sun sets. Makes for interesting times!

Thank you for joining me on this photographic journey and hope to hear from you!