My Photograph of the Week: In the Mist

During an art show in Sedona, storms passing through shut down the show. This opportunity to photograph the storms passing through the Sedona area provided the backdrop for today's Photograph called "In the Mist."
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My Photograph of the Week: In the Mist

In the Mist

I was at last year’s Sedona Art Show 2018 in beautiful red rock country of Sedona, Arizona.  Storms had been predicted for both Saturday and Sunday! But as an artist in an art show, you make due as best as you can and you plan for such eventualities.

And so I planned for stormy weather.

On Saturday, the day started out beautiful, and there were a fair number of folks around enjoying the various booths with all kinds of great art.  Shortly after opening, the sky began to cloud up. You could tell that there was going to be some rain.  By around 10:30 in the morning, the first drops of rain began falling.

I covered my stuff and planned on entertaining guests to my booth as typical.  By 11am, it was down pouring – in sheets! You could hear thunder in the distance.

By around 12 noon, there were no customers. As typical, all us artists gathered around our cellphones looking at the weather radar.  On this particular weekend, there was a whole line of thunderstorms coming up from the south – heading up from Phoenix, where I live, two hours away by interstate.

Soon, artist began to close up for the day as it was obvious that it was going to rain hard for rest of the day.  I threw in the towel around 2:30, as it kept coming in waves. It was obvious that in my aisle, four of us out of over 20 artists were still manning our booths.

And so I had my camera (as always), and I decided to drive around Sedona to see if I could catch some time between the storms to photograph some of the most beautiful atmospheric scenes I had seen in a long time.

And so it was with this particular photograph, between the storms, the clouds filtering through and around the rock formations was something magical. The red rock, wet from rain, had this deep red color. And the clouds whispering around the formations was breathtaking.  Standing on a hill in a drizzle, I managed to catch this particular image! I have several others from the day that I will share at other times.

Photographer’s Notes:

I took this with my Canon 5D mark II using my EF 70-200 f/4L IS lens set at 183mm focal length.  My exposure was set at f/6.3 (didn’t need to use a closed down aperture as the rocks themselves were the foreground), my ISO set at 100 and my shutter set for 1/50 second.  I used a tripod of course.

This image didn’t require too much post processing, just some lens correction, a little sharpening, setting both black and white points, just a little vignette, and that was pretty much it!  As the scene was clouds among the wet red rocks, it was pretty stunning to view and observe, and I think it produced a nice photograph as well.

Want to Purchase this Print?

In the Mist


As a part of my Portfolio Collection, this is offered only as a limited edition print.

Silent rock sentinels in the misty and raining clouds in Sedona, Arizona.



As a part of my Portfolio Collection, this is offered only as a limited edition print.

Silent rock sentinels in the misty and raining clouds in Sedona, Arizona.

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Fine Art Print, Canvas Gallery Wrap, Metal (Satin Finish), Metal (Glossy Finish), Canvas Gallery Wrap Triptych

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8.5×11, 11×14, 20×26, 20×30, 24×36, 60×40 (three 20×40 Panels)


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