I Finally Ditched My Canon 5D Mark II

After 7 years of shooting with my trusty Canon 5D mark II, I finally decided to make the leap to Sony with the purchase of a new Sony A7rIII. With a Metabones adapter, I am able to use my existing Canon lenses until I replace them with Sony lenses.
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I Finally Ditched My Canon 5D Mark II

New Sony A7rIII with battery grip, Metabones IV adapter and a [pro]master L Bracket.
New Sony A7rIII with battery grip, Metabones IV adapter and a [pro]master L Bracket.

For years (over 7) I have been shooting with my trusty ole Canon 5D Mark II camera. It was released in September of 2008, and I acquired mine in 2012.

It has been with me nearly the entire time – my first trip to the Southwest, Florida, Maine, Virginia – you name it! Many of the images I took from 2012 to current day have been taken with my trusty 5D Mark II!



In 2013, Sony came out with the first A7r, and I found out that with an adapter, I could use my Canon lens, so I rented it and took some photographs. I wasn’t overly impressed, and so ignored the Sony train.

Then in 2015, Canon released the 5DSr and 5DS line of cameras. As soon as I could rent one, I was renting it. And I have a number of images taken with the 5DSr in 2015 through 2019. But Sony also stepped up their game, and in the same year they also came out with the Sony A7rII. This camera was also a game changer, so much so that I even rented it for my trip to Europe in 2017 and used it exclusively on that trip.

And so since 2015, I found my self renting both the Canon 5DSr and the Sony A7rII, trying to figure out which camera to upgrade my aging Canon 5D Mark II to.

I was ready by 2018 to make the jump to the Canon 5DSr, but then Sony came out with the A7rIII. And I rented it and fell in love with it. Now what to do? So all through 2018 and 2019 I kept renting both cameras, hoping to feel from the Canon 5DSr what I was feeling from using the Sony A7rIII.


Canon Mirrorless? Perhaps This is It?

An then in late 2018, release of the Canon R provided me hope that there would be an upgrade of the now aging Canon 5DSr. And I waited and waited. Just noise of a remake of the high megapixel camera into a mirrorless camera kept my hopes up.

That was until Sony announced the upcoming Sony A7rIV. And silence from Canon on any possible updates to the 5DSr. I like the 42MP size of the image files from the Sony, and wasn’t all that enamored with jumping to 61MP.


Decision Made

And so in the silence coming from Canon, I finally made my decision. I just picked up my first Sony camera, the A7rIII.

It has all the features I wanted in a camera, not to mention the great dynamic range of the images it produced. I know, a lot of folks moan whenever dynamic range is brought up. But being primarily a landscape photographer, dynamic range is critical. If I can get the scene in one shot rather than having to bracket, then it is worth it as it save me time in post processing and managing my files.

I also picked up the Metabones IV adapter to go along with it. For a while I will continue to use my Canon glass, but I am already making plans for selling my current stable of lens and picking up Sony lens.

I have to admit, as a landscape and travel photographer, the Sony A7 series just makes sense. It seems like the cameras were designed for such uses. And there is excitement around the Sony products, and Sony listens to photographers of all stripes, and you can see it in the evolution of their cameras and lens.

I am excited to begin shooting with my Sony A7rIII camera, and hopefully I can get all some nice imagery to look at so you too can appreciate what this camera can produce. Onward and forward, and keep shooting!

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Fast forward to today, and I am now an owner of a Canon 5D Mark II (looking to upgrade, but can’t decide on my next camera) and a bunch of Canon glass and I am primarily a landscape and travel photographer. Yea, that means that I get up before the sun rises and am out after the sun sets. Makes for interesting times!

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