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Imagine walking along a beach in Maui at sunset . . . the light dancing upon the water, your hair ruffled by the ever present trade winds as they begin to die down for the day, the palms swaying with the breeze, your toes digging into the beautiful sand leaving footprints behind . . . you take in the nearly perfect scene before you as you finally let out a deep breath and let all the cares of the world take a back seat . . .

. . . you are on a visit to the Grand Canyon, and you are out at Yavapai Point in the early morning following a snow storm the previous day . . . you delight in the early morning light on the side canyons displaying the canyon in all it’s splendor . . . the crisp air and the pristine snow crunching beneath your feet add to the sense of peacefulness you are feeling as you take in this sublime scene before you . . .

This is what I capture with my camera, scenes that take us away to places remembered . . . or places we want to go.

This is what fine art photography is all about, offering simply amazing photographs for display on your walls at home or at the office that take you away or allow you to dream . . . and brings you joy and happiness. This is my goal, come and explore and let me help you bring some beauty into your world, your home and your office

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Welcome! My name is David Coté

I am a fine art photographer specializing in landscapes and travel photography.

My photography is more of an interpretation of a location than a description. So my style moves between photo realism to more artistic and interpretive landscapes and fine art, emphasizing the color and the light I find in my subjects. My artworks are inspired by the places I visit, and are noted for the light, color, and techniques – from black & white processing, vintage photos, and a creative perspective – that I employ. And of course, I love to share my art and my craft with you all!

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