Hi! My name is David Coté

For me, the world of photography is about light and color, which opens up new vistas in our imaginations and shows us the beauty of the world.

My photography is more of an interpretation of a location than a description. So my style moves between photo realism to more artistic and interpretive landscapes and fine art, emphasizing the color and the light I find in my subjects. My artworks are inspired by the places I visit, and are noted for the light, color, and techniques – from black & white processing, vintage photos, and a creative perspective – that I employ. And of course, most importantly, the personalities of the locations I photograph!

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Black and White Print Collection

Something about stripping away the color brings a photograph to it’s very essence, it’s very core. This collection is among my favorites. Come explore and purchase a fine art black and print for your very own.

Fall Collection

Nothing can beat the crisp fall air and the beautiful colors as the leaves change. Come and explore some of my favorite photographs from this special season. Find a colorful fine art print for that special place in your home or office.

The Beach Collection

Early morning. When all is peaceful, and the sound of the waves washing onto the beach and the sun begins to light the sky. For some of us, this is as near to heaven as we can find. Come and explore some beautiful sunrises and sunsets along the coast as we play in the surf. And if you find a photograph that you love you can make a purchase and claim your piece of heaven!

The Southwest Collection

The southwest is now my new playground. The sheer beauty and vastness of the landscapes are just breathtaking. This is my collection of southwestern landscapes from California, Arizona, Utah and New Mexico. Looking for that dramatic landscape, I have it. Looking for sheer beauty, I have that too. Come and explore with me as I journey across this incredible landscape and perhaps you will find something perfect to remind you of the southwest.

The Grand Canyon Collection

There is perhaps no more of a dramatic landscape than that of the Grand Canyon. A vast canyon system, the Grand Canyon is just simply spectacular. Most only visit the south rim, but the north rim has verdant alpine forests that come right to the canyon rim. Come and explore the natural wonder that is the Grand Canyon, and perhaps you will find that special fine art print that you have been looking for!

Forest and Woodlands Collection

The lushness and stillness of a beautiful forest scene is balm for the busy soul. Hiking and coming across a gurgling brook is serendipity and brings a sense of peace and wholeness as we connect to the larger world around us. Come and explore some of my best images of my trips hiking in woodlands, and you too will find peace and beauty of the lush green forests.

Coastal Scenes Collection

Having grown up in Portland Maine, I love the coast. The occasional fog, the fishing boats, the blast of the fog horns from lighthouses around the bay, the smell of the salt air — it all holds a special place in my heart. These are among my favorite coastal scenes, and I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do!

Colorful Slots Collection

The Southwest hosts some of the most beautiful slot canyons in the world. These are my special collection of colorful slot canyon photographs. The colors have been enhanced and the white balance shifted to create these spectacular fine art prints.

The Travel Collection

I get to travel around this wonderful world. And sometimes I even get to capture those special moments or places. This is my collection of some of my favorite travel fine art photographs. Browse and you too can find some prints for your empty walls!

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