Video Quickies: Dodging and Burning

I created this quick video to walk you through dodging and burning in Adobe Photoshop.

I know what you are thinking! Yet another how-to video!

Well . . . yes! And here is my rationale.

I find that I like certain photographers, and others not so much.  I try to learn from those whose style is similar to my own.  I find that learning from those photographers help me to learn and apply that learning to my own photography.

So some will find this video helpful and is similar to their own style.  Others will not, and that is OK.  The point is that we are all learning from each other, and for that reason, I offer this quick video on dodging and burning.

I assume that you already have some familiarity with Photoshop.  The point of this video is not to introduce those applications, but to show you how to use a particular feature to improve the impactmof your images.

Your mileage will vary, and of course, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask below!  Thanks for watching!

Remnants of a volcanic plug outside of Monument Valley, Arizona.

This print is available for purchase starting at only $18 dollars!

This print is available for purchase starting at only $18 dollars!


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