Video Quickie: Processing Photograph from Angkor Wat

A quick tutorial showing how I typically process a photograph. In this case a photograph I took while at Angkor Wat Archaeological Park in Siem Reap.  The photograph was taken at the Bayon in Angkor Thom.  One of my favorite photographs from that location is the smiling face of Javayaman VII who had the Bayon built in the 12th century as seen through a window and doorway.

What was interesting about this photograph is that I had only time to get off three shots as the tour guide we had had to hold people back so I could take the shot.  So it is a bit underexposed.

But I used a Sony A7rII, and working with the raw files is awesome in that I was able to pull the shadows up by two stops and a was able to pull out a lot of great detail that I didn’t know I had.  So below are before and after photographs, and I hope that you enjoy the video.



JPG of raw Sony A7rII file prior to any processing.




After processing photograph in Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop and Google Color Efx Pro 4