HDR Photography: How the Camera Understands Exposure

This is the most fascinating part of all this, how the camera determines proper exposure! 18% Gray. That is the answer. Yea, pretty fascinating isn’t it! But wait, it gets better. Experiment Let’s try a little experiment. Get some black paper and some white paper. Hang up the paper (taping the paper to the wall, make sure you hang it …

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Video Quickie: Processing Photograph from Angkor Wat

A quick tutorial showing how I typically process a photograph. In this case a photograph I took while at Angkor Wat Archaeological Park in Siem Reap.  The photograph was taken at the Bayon in Angkor Thom.  One of my favorite photographs from that location is the smiling face of Javayaman VII who had the Bayon built in the 12th century as seen …

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Video Quickies: Dodging and Burning

I created this quick video to walk you through dodging and burning in Adobe Photoshop. I know what you are thinking! Yet another how-to video! Well . . . yes! And here is my rationale. I find that I like certain photographers, and others not so much.  I try to learn from those whose style is similar to my own. …

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Video Quickie: Post-Processing Workflow

Post-processing can be very difficult for many photographers. ┬áPartly a question to time (which most of us don’t have a lot of these days!) and partly a question of skill (we are always learning and improving our skills, or feels like I am anyways!). This video quickie is designed to show you my post-processing workflow. ┬áThis workflow is just the …

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