Coal Mine Canyon Redux

One of my favorite places to visit as of late has been Coal Mine Canyon, off AZ 264 about 16 miles north of Tuba City. If you are going much further, you find yourself entering the Hopi Nation. This is easy to recognize as the number of hogans visible from the roadside drop to none. On this visit to Coal …

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In the Spotlight: Looking Down Into The Chasm

A couple of years ago I took my daughter for a trip around the southwest, specifically Arizona and Utah.  One of the places I had always wanted to visit is Toroweap on the north rim of the Grand Canyon. Yea, Toroweap, which is at the inner canyon's edge after 70 miles of dirt road and trail, and rocks and slickrock. [...] Continue reading  

In the Spotlight: Shafer Road

In Canyonlands National Park Island in the Sky section, there is a narrow section which the road crosses.  It really is only wide enough to support the main road into this section, with steep cliffs on each side as you drive across this ‘natural bridge’ from one mesa to the next.   I was crossing this section near sunset, and …

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In the Spotlight: Back Bay Sunset

On the other side of Sandbridge Beach at Little Island City Park (the very end of Sandbridge Road before you enter the wildlife sanctuary), is the Back Bay side of Sandbridge.  It is very quiet and peaceful and very beautiful, especially during the blue hour (the hour following sunset). This is one of my favorite photographs I have ever taken …

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