Siem Reap

My Photograph of the Day: Cloister

Angkor Wat was everything I’d imagined it was. Temples after temples reaching back into time. Ta Prohm was perhaps one of my favorite temple complexes. It is temple complex where the jungle has encroached and has begun to reclaim the area once again. It is simply an amazing place to visit and to photograph. This artwork is one such print I was able to create from Ta Prohm.

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Bucket List: Angkor Wat

This past December my wife and I went to visit our daughter in South Korea for Christmas.  My daughter had requested to visit Cambodia.  Now, one of the places I have always wanted to go was Angkor Wat, so how could I refuse that request!?  Now for those who do not know, Angkor Wat is actually a large area with …

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