Learn Photography by Studying Paintings

I have been a photographer of one sort or another for quite some time. I first began in High School where I took photos for the yearbook using a Nikon film camera. My primary camera is 5D Mark II. Yea, a Canon 5D Mark II! I can’t seem to make up mind on what to get next. So I keep …

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Video Quickie: Processing Photograph from Angkor Wat

A quick tutorial showing how I typically process a photograph. In this case a photograph I took while at Angkor Wat Archaeological Park in Siem Reap.  The photograph was taken at the Bayon in Angkor Thom.  One of my favorite photographs from that location is the smiling face of Javayaman VII who had the Bayon built in the 12th century as seen [...] Continue reading  

HDR Photography: Introduction

DISCLAIMER This tutorial series is written for those just learning about their cameras.  If you have been using your camera for a number of years, then this tutorial isn’t really geared for you, but please feel free to read, we all learn something new even when reading about things we know.   I decided to write this for those who …

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Bucket List: Angkor Wat

This past December my wife and I went to visit our daughter in South Korea for Christmas.  My daughter had requested to visit Cambodia.  Now, one of the places I have always wanted to go was Angkor Wat, so how could I refuse that request!?  Now for those who do not know, Angkor Wat is actually a large area with …

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Best of the Blue Ridge Parkway Book Review

Title: Best of the Blue Ridge Parkway Author: Nye Simmons Genre: Travel Publisher: Mountain Trail Press Release Date: 2008 Format: Paperback Pages: 185 Filled with detailed information on the best hikes, scenic stops, waterfalls, and historic locations, this is the ultimate guide to the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina and Virginia, one of America’s most visited national parks. Information …

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