Angkor Wat

Banteay Kdei

Just down the road from Ta Prohm is Banteay Kdei, a Buddhist temple built by Jayavarman VII in the Bayon style similar to Ta Prohm. Banteay Kdei means the “Citadel of Chambers” and the name is pretty accurate. Although smaller than Ta Prohm, it too is in a state of disrepair and is in the midst of renovations. However, unlike …

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Angkor Wat: The Temple Complex

As I noted in a previous blog post titled Bucket List: Angkor Wat, Angkor Wat was one of those locations that I have always wanted to visit – it was a part of my bucket list of places to visit before I shuffle off this mortal coil (as Macbeth would say in Shakespeare’s play of the same name). And it is a …

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Bucket List: Angkor Wat

This past December my wife and I went to visit our daughter in South Korea for Christmas.  My daughter had requested to visit Cambodia.  Now, one of the places I have always wanted to go was Angkor Wat, so how could I refuse that request!?  Now for those who do not know, Angkor Wat is actually a large area with …

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Ta Prohm

Perhaps one of the most photogenic of the Angkor Wat temples, Ta Prohm was left pretty much as it was found intertwined with the jungle. Even though it has been cleared a little to allow for people to visit the various sections of the temple complex, it still has that “swallowed by the jungle” look and feel. Ta Prohm was …

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