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David Cote
Grand Entrance

Oak Alley Plantation – Vacherie, Louisiana

On a recent business trip to New Orleans, Louisiana, I had some time to drive out to Vacherie to visit Oak Alley Plantation.  I was looking for a grove of old Live Oaks as I love how they spread and grow low to the ground, somewhat similar to the banyan trees of the tropic Pacific and Indian ocean countries.  After having “googled” live oaks in New Orleans, this was the top hit.And so I went prepared to take images of grand ole trees.  I was surprised to find a museum dedicated to the discussion of slave life at the plantation.  So I visited a few of the slave huts and the “Big House” and the fields in the background.  Most people think of cotton as the primary crop, but this plantation grew sugar cane.

Grand Entrance Panorama (20131211_0014)

Grand Entrance Panorama (20131211_0014)

After some time looking around, I decided that it was time to take what I had come for, photographs of the old trees in all their glory.  There were trees lining the back and front entrance.  And the trees were what I wanted to see, big and gnarly.

Ancient Tree (20131211_0006)

Ancient Tree (20131211_0006)

I love the way that these trees grow, which is why I searched for this location, and I was not disappointed.  Most everyone come to New Orleans and stays in the French Quarter.  I was looking for something more than the French Quarter, and I got it!

Lined Up Panorama (20131211_0038)

Lined Up Panorama (20131211_0038)


David Cote (http://www.davidcotephotography.com)
Hi, welcome to my website. I have been doing photography off and on for the past 20+ years. It has only been recently however, that I have decided to make photography more and more a part of who I am. So my photographs have obviously gotten much better as I have learned more about the art of photography. I believe things have progressed to the point of my being able to begin to sell my photography. I hope you think so too, and enjoy!


These are amazing photographs!

Thank you, I enjoyed my visit at Oak Alley Plantation, I only wish I had more time to spend there. It is a beautiful gem!

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