My Photograph of the Day: Canyon Reflections

Waiting for the sunrise at Mesa Arch in Canyonlands National Park is a lot of fun. At first there is just one or two photographers. But as the sun rises, the group suddenly swells to over 30 photographers. This is a pre-dawn artwork I managed to capture before the crowd showed up and jostled for position!

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Pre-dawn at Mesa Arch, Canyonlands National Park, Utah.

I first arrived around 3:30 a.m.  And there were already two other photographers there.  They were practicing some light painting, where you use your flashlight (torch) to light up your subject.  I positioned myself based on what I could see, and I tried to get as close to the edge as I dared.

And as the light began to break, you could see more and more of the valley floor below, and I realized that about another foot and half closer and I would have gone over the edge!

But I waited for more and more light to light up the scene before me. And finally just before the sun broke over the La Sal Mountains in the distance, I made this capture.  I was able to get the reflected light underneath the arch for which Mesa Arch is famous. 

Of course, around this time others were trickling into the area, and soon there was a crowd of around 30 of us. Not all of us were photographers, of which there were about 10. The rest were either kids, or tourist with their cellphones and point and click cameras. But we all had a wonderful view!

The beauty of the location is simply amazing, the views down into the canyon through the arch are breathtaking.  And the rising sun as it lights up the rock before you is magical.  I really love this place and can’t wait to return to capture more wonderful images — even with all the crowd of photographers all trying to capture the same scene before us.

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Other Posts in this Series "My Photograph of the Day"

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David Cote is a landscape and travel photographer who makes stunning photographs of beautiful locations around our wonderful world. When not selling photography at art shows or online, he can be found sharing his love and knowledge of photography with others who love photography.

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