In the Spotlight: Garden Side

A few years back I was spending a couple days in Eastern upper Bucks county in Pennsylvania primarily taking photographs of cover bridges.  One of the small towns I was passing through, Lumberville, along the Pennsylvania side of the Delaware River was just simply beautiful.  

As I drove around, I stumbled across this really idyllic scene of a front of a home on the edge of the roadway and the red paint contrasted among the hostas and the purple flowers in the window boxes.  The morning light was dappled as it passed through the trees and hit the side of this home. Everything was dew covered, and the overall effect was magical and I really fell in love with the place. 

It was early morning, the sun had just risen and everything was peaceful and quiet and made me wish I had a cup of coffee and a small table to sit at to enjoy the start of the new day.


I hope that you enjoy this photograph as much as I did making it!






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