In the Spotlight: Down to Supai

A view of the canyon that is a side canyon to the Grand Canyon. This is the beginning of an 11 mile hike to Havasupai Falls, the most famous waterfalls in Arizona.

My wife works with someone who is related to a member of the Havasupai tribe, whose tribal lands are along the western side of the Grand Canyon.

Supai, the main town, is an 8 mile hike down into the canyon you see in this photograph. Once down in the canyon, a side canyon of the Grand Canyon, one then hikes along until you reach Supai.

Of course, those who know about Supai, also know that it is home to Havasupai Falls, perhaps the most famous waterfalls in Arizona.

I will present a photograph of Havasupai Falls in a later In the Spotlight feature.

Top of the canyon before the path down to Supai, Havasupai Reservation, Grand Canyon, Arizona.

I shot this particular photograph with my 24-70mm F/2.8 shooting at 24mm to get the expanse of the canyon and the clouds up above.


David Cote is a landscape and travel photographer who makes stunning photographs of beautiful locations around our wonderful world. When not selling photography at art shows or online, he can be found sharing his love and knowledge of photography with others who love photography.

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