In the Spotlight: Dae Woong Jeon

While visiting Beomesa Buddhist Temple in Busan, South Korea, I was able to catch a monk attending to the altar before the Buddhas in the Dae Woong Jeon, the main sanctuary at Beomesa.

My daughter spent a year in Busan South Korea teaching English to Korean children at a private school.

I was able to visit her twice during her stay in Busan.  The first time visiting, we went to Beomesa, a Buddhist temple in the northwest of Busan in the mountains.

Unfortunately, we didn’t do our research (so we didn’t realize that there was a bus that went up the mountain) and we walked the 2km up the mountain to the main gates of Beomesa. In July, in the humidity and the heat.  I was soaked with sweat!  

Ah, the things I do for my daughter and to get some great shots of the temple!

While at the temple, I happened to look across the main courtyard to notice a monk tending to the altar in the main sanctuary, called Dae Woong Jeon. Using my EF-70-200mm F/4L at 200mm I was able to capture this moment in time as the monk lovingly and meticulously tended the altar before the three Buddhas, which are found in most temples, the Buddha of the past, the Buddha of the present, and the Buddha of the future.

A Buddhist Monk at prayer at Beomeosa Buddhist Temple in Busan, Republic of Korea.

This is perhaps one of my favorite shots from my two visits to Beomesa Buddhist Temple.

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David Cote is a landscape and travel photographer who makes stunning photographs of beautiful locations around our wonderful world. When not selling photography at art shows or online, he can be found sharing his love and knowledge of photography with others who love photography.

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