In the Spotlight: Cathedral Rock Evening

A wonderful early evening visit to Oak Creek with Cathedral Rock lit up by the setting sun.

I have been to Sedona a number of times the past two years, and have always tried to take some wonderful photographs.  It is harder than it sounds.

First, there is a lot of development and home near many of the real beautiful spots that inhibit some great shots.  

Secondly, there are a lot of folks out and about which you have work around to get some good shots.

So I have found it difficult to get some great shots.  This particular shot came after a full day, from sunrise to sunset looking in Sedona for some great shots. Most of what I have taken will remain on my hard drive and will not be made public, they just aren’t what I was looking for, and that is important to me.

Last rays of the setting sun shining on Cathedral Rock in Sedona, Arizona.

This particular shot is of Cathedral Rock bathed in the last light of the day.  The sky was cloudless, but I love the red rock – yea, Sedona is known for its red rock – and the contrast with the deep blue sky.  And the reflection in the small pool just adds to the overall image.

When the sunlight of sunset hits the red rock, it literally seems to glow, and I think I captured this “glowing” in this photograph. Of all the photographs I took that day, this is the one which I really liked, and I hope that you find it acceptable as well.


David Cote is a landscape and travel photographer who makes stunning photographs of beautiful locations around our wonderful world. When not selling photography at art shows or online, he can be found sharing his love and knowledge of photography with others who love photography.

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