First Impressions: Sony A7R II

I am heading to Cambodia . . .  and my Canon 5D Mark II is long in the tooth.

Time and technology has pass it by, and it is time to move it to second string and allow another camera to shine!

So, after some thought and research, I am going to “audition” three cameras:

  • Sony A7rII
  • Canon 5DMIV
  • Canon 5DSr

I am sticking with Canon cameras (with the exception of the Sony, which can use Canon lens with the use of the Metabones adapter) as I have all Canon gear, and am not interested in changing gear out to another brand.  I want this to be easy, and quick, and not have too many repercussions for my photography.

So first up, is the Sony A7rII.

This video is just a quick impressions, a what do I think about the camera right off the bat kind video.  I highlight three things I like right off, the grip, the In Body Image Stabilization (IBIS) and the tilt screen.  And the fourth which I don’t mention, is that it works with my canon lens!

Now, I don’t want to get into reviewing camera gear – there are already hundreds of sites which do this, and many do it well!

I just want to go over what I value, with the thought that maybe you would value the same features.  Sometimes when I read reviews they get so technical as to wring all the possible pleasure out of using the camera in question.

I really believe that most cameras today are OUTSTANDING cameras to begin with, so it really comes down to what works for you.  I have noted those features which I like about the Sony A7rII, and I will play with the camera and figure out if it remains on my short list or not for my trip to Cambodia.


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