Video Quickies

Video Quickie: Processing Photograph from Angkor Wat

A quick tutorial showing how I typically process a photograph. In this case a photograph I took while at Angkor Wat Archaeological Park in Siem Reap.  The photograph was taken at the Bayon in Angkor Thom.  One of my favorite photographs from that location is the smiling face of Javayaman VII who had the Bayon built in the 12th century as seen [...] Continue reading  

Video Quickie: How to Create Develop Presets in Adobe Lightroom

Here is a quick 10-minute video I did to show you how to create develop presets.  Develop Presets are helpful when you are importing images into Adobe Lightroom and you want to apply basic develop settings.   I use the develop preset so that the images will apply lens profiles, remove chromatic aberrations, apply some sharpening and some noise reduction [...] Continue reading  

First Impressions: Sony A7R II

I am heading to Cambodia . . . ¬†and my Canon 5D Mark II is long in the tooth. Time and technology has pass it by, and it is time to move it to second string and allow another camera to shine! So, after some thought and research, I am going to “audition” three cameras: Sony A7rII Canon 5DMIV Canon …

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Quick Intro to Google Earth

Have you ever been a location where you were excited to shot, only to discover after you are all setup that you are not in the right place to catch the sunrise.  or in the wrong place to catch the sunrise where you envisioned it rising in the scene? Welcome to Google Earth. It is an app for Windows or …

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