Impressions of Spain: La Sagrada Familia

An blog post on one of the most incredible architectural delights in this world, “The Expiatory Temple of the Holy Family,” more commonly known as La Sagrada Familia does not disappoint! If you are a photographer, this is a feast of visual delights, as this location has innumerable things to photograph. You will literally spend hours and hours photographing this famous landmark in the middle of Barcelona!

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Angkor Wat: Ta Prohm

Ta Prohm, perhaps most famous for the Laura Croft Tomb Raider movie, is a temple complex within Angkor Wat that is partially overgrown by the surrounding forest. It is a magical place for the photographer.

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How I planned my recent trip to Europe

Some people find trip planning to be difficult, others find it to be easy. I enjoy planning trips. I am in the group that finds it easy. The trick is to not pack in too many things to do. I had the opportunity this summer to plan such a trip. My daughter, after spending a year in South Korea having …

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In the Spotlight: Down to Supai

My wife works with someone who is related to a member of the Havasupai tribe, whose tribal lands are along the western side of the Grand Canyon. Supai, the main town, is an 8 mile hike down into the canyon you see in this photograph. Once down in the canyon, a side canyon of the Grand Canyon, one then hikes along …

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