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3 Things I have Re-Learned Shooting Film

This is a follow-up article to my previous article, 3 Excellent Reasons I Shoot Film. The first article was a general description of three reasons why I now shoot film. They included reasons such as shooting film really is different from shoot digital, I have learned to look for tones rather than color and light, and I look for different …

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3 Excellent Reasons I Shoot Film

This past spring I decided after almost 25 years, to return to shooting film. I didn’t give up digital; rather I added another way to capture images – film.   And as I have re-learned developing film, and developing prints, I have learned why I first fell in love with photography, and I have also learned some significant differences between …

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Composition Tricks and Tips: Leading lines

As photographers, we work hard to make compelling images. As is human nature, the more we look at an image, the more our eyes stay within that image, the more compelling we find that photograph to be. I love it when someone looks one of my photographs on the wall and they stay rooted and can’t stop looking at the …

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