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In the Spotlight: House of Rock

Cliffdwellers, Arizona is a really trippy place to visit.  Apparently, back at the turn of the last century, some settlers decided to make this location on US 89 their home up against the Vermilion Cliffs.  They decided to dig out ‘homes’ under the large boulders that dot this location. In this case, the ‘main house’ is several large boulders with rock …

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In the Spotlight: Elephant Butte In Black And White

A couple of years back my daughter and I traveled out west from Virginia, and one of the locations we visited was Monument Valley.  Now that I live here in Arizona, Monument Valley (and the more northern Valley of the Gods) is just a five hour drive from Phoenix area.  But at the time, the place was magical and I …

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In the Spotlight: Looking Down Into The Chasm

A couple of years ago I took my daughter for a trip around the southwest, specifically Arizona and Utah.  One of the places I had always wanted to visit is Toroweap on the north rim of the Grand Canyon. Yea, Toroweap, which is at the inner canyon's edge after 70 miles of dirt road and trail, and rocks and slickrock. [...] Continue reading  

In the Spotlight: Shafer Road

In Canyonlands National Park Island in the Sky section, there is a narrow section which the road crosses.  It really is only wide enough to support the main road into this section, with steep cliffs on each side as you drive across this ‘natural bridge’ from one mesa to the next.   I was crossing this section near sunset, and …

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In the Spotlight: Garden Side

A few years back I was spending a couple days in Eastern upper Bucks county in Pennsylvania primarily taking photographs of cover bridges.  One of the small towns I was passing through, Lumberville, along the Pennsylvania side of the Delaware River was just simply beautiful.   As I drove around, I stumbled across this really idyllic scene of a front of [...] Continue reading  

In the Spotlight: Castle Butte

I was out taking photographs of the Little Painted Desert along Arizona 87 just north of I-40.  The light wasn’t the greatest, so I began to look for some scenes where the light would work better. As I drove down AZ87, I saw these buttes, the first is called Castle Butte, and the near-dusk light lit up the red rock …

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