In the Spotlight: Down to Supai

My wife works with someone who is related to a member of the Havasupai tribe, whose tribal lands are along the western side of the Grand Canyon. Supai, the main town, is an 8 mile hike down into the canyon you see in this photograph. Once down in the canyon, a side canyon of the Grand Canyon, one then hikes along …

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In the Spotlight: Cathedral Rock Evening

I have been to Sedona a number of times the past two years, and have always tried to take some wonderful photographs.  It is harder than it sounds. First, there is a lot of development and home near many of the real beautiful spots that inhibit some great shots.   Secondly, there are a lot of folks out and about …

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Coal Mine Canyon Redux

One of my favorite places to visit as of late has been Coal Mine Canyon, off AZ 264 about 16 miles north of Tuba City. If you are going much further, you find yourself entering the Hopi Nation. This is easy to recognize as the number of hogans visible from the roadside drop to none. On this visit to Coal …

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In the Spotlight: Castle Butte

I was out taking photographs of the Little Painted Desert along Arizona 87 just north of I-40.  The light wasn’t the greatest, so I began to look for some scenes where the light would work better. As I drove down AZ87, I saw these buttes, the first is called Castle Butte, and the near-dusk light lit up the red rock …

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In the Spotlight: Peaks of Pink

On one of my several trips to Antelope Canyon in Page, Arizona, I took this shot at lower Antelope Canyon.  Of the two, I really like lower Antelope as you can stay for up to three hours and there are not huge crowds, so you can usually take your time and get the shots you want. I took this shot, …

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In the Spotlight: Aspenglow

I was at the north rim of the Grand Canyon at the beginning of fall.  The north rim of the Grand Canyon stands at about 8,000 feet above sea level, so the aspens tend to turn sooner there than in other parts of Arizona.   So I went up from my home here in Phoenix to enjoy the cool temperatures …

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