In the Spotlight: Dae Woong Jeon

My daughter spent a year in Busan South Korea teaching English to Korean children at a private school. I was able to visit her twice during her stay in Busan.  The first time visiting, we went to Beomesa, a Buddhist temple in the northwest of Busan in the mountains. Unfortunately, we didn’t do our research (so we didn’t realize that …

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Ta Prohm

Perhaps one of the most photogenic of the Angkor Wat temples, Ta Prohm was left pretty much as it was found intertwined with the jungle. Even though it has been cleared a little to allow for people to visit the various sections of the temple complex, it still has that “swallowed by the jungle” look and feel. Ta Prohm was …

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In the Spotlight: Cathedral Rock Evening

I have been to Sedona a number of times the past two years, and have always tried to take some wonderful photographs.  It is harder than it sounds. First, there is a lot of development and home near many of the real beautiful spots that inhibit some great shots.   Secondly, there are a lot of folks out and about …

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3 Excellent Reasons I Shoot Film

This past spring I decided after almost 25 years, to return to shooting film. I didn’t give up digital; rather I added another way to capture images – film. And as I have re-learned developing film, and developing prints, I have learned why I first fell in love with photography, and I have also learned some significant differences between the …

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Coal Mine Canyon Redux

One of my favorite places to visit as of late has been Coal Mine Canyon, off AZ 264 about 16 miles north of Tuba City. If you are going much further, you find yourself entering the Hopi Nation. This is easy to recognize as the number of hogans visible from the roadside drop to none. On this visit to Coal …

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HDR Photography: What is Dynamic Range?

  This is a fundamental “problem” with cameras, that is, their apparent lack of dynamic range, especially when compared to the human eye. Most cameras seem to have an average dynamic range of around 11 stops of light. What is a “stop” of light you ask, thought you would never ask! What is a stop anyways? A stop of light …

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