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Back in 1982, my Air Force roommate was in desperate need of some cash, and he had a camera. And I was in the market for a camera as I had TDY (Temporary Duty) orders for Cyprus and was looking for a good camera to take with me. So over some beers and some negotiations with my roommate (and a few hundred dollars later), I found that I had become the owner of a brand spanking new Canon AE-1 camera with an assortment of lens, including a Canon 50mm, a 35mm lens, as well as a telephoto lens.

Fast forward to today, and I am now an owner of a Canon 5D Mark II (looking to upgrade, but waiting to see if Sony comes out with a ‘A9’ before I upgrade) and a bunch of Canon glass and I am primarily a landscape photographer. Yea, that means that I get up before the sun rises and am out after the sun sets. Makes for interesting times!

Thank you for joining me on this photographic journey and hope to hear from you!

Banteay Kdei

This article is part of 4 in the series Angkor Wat

This article is part of 4 in the series Angkor WatJust down the road from Ta Prohm is Banteay Kdei, a Buddhist temple built by Jayavarman VII in the Bayon style similar to Ta Prohm. Banteay Kdei means the “Citadel of Chambers” and the name is pretty accurate. Although smaller than Ta Prohm, it too is in a state of …

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In the Spotlight: Down to Supai

My wife works with someone who is related to a member of the Havasupai tribe, whose tribal lands are along the western side of the Grand Canyon. Supai, the main town, is an 8 mile hike down into the canyon you see in this photograph. Once down in the canyon, a side canyon of the Grand Canyon, one then hikes along …

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3 Things I have Re-Learned Shooting Film

This is a follow-up article to my previous article, 3 Excellent Reasons I Shoot Film. The first article was a general description of three reasons why I now shoot film. They included reasons such as shooting film really is different from shoot digital, I have learned to look for tones rather than color and light, and I look for different …

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In the Spotlight: Dae Woong Jeon

My daughter spent a year in Busan South Korea teaching English to Korean children at a private school. I was able to visit her twice during her stay in Busan.  The first time visiting, we went to Beomesa, a Buddhist temple in the northwest of Busan in the mountains. Unfortunately, we didn’t do our research (so we didn’t realize that …

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Ta Prohm

This article is part 1 of 4 in the series Angkor Wat

This article is part 1 of 4 in the series Angkor WatPerhaps one of the most photogenic of the Angkor Wat temples, Ta Prohm was left pretty much as it was found intertwined with the jungle. Even though it has been cleared a little to allow for people to visit the various sections of the temple complex, it still has …

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In the Spotlight: Cathedral Rock Evening

I have been to Sedona a number of times the past two years, and have always tried to take some wonderful photographs.  It is harder than it sounds. First, there is a lot of development and home near many of the real beautiful spots that inhibit some great shots.   Secondly, there are a lot of folks out and about …

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